The Beef Sector Forum is a cyclical conference organized by the Polish Association of Beef Cattle Producers with the Beef Sector Council. This year’s edition of the Forum co-organized by the Federation of Industry Unions of Agricultural Producers and in cooperation with Copa and Cogeca will be held on December 2-3, 2019 in Warsaw. The theme of the Forum will be “Climate friendly  beef, valued by consumers”. The beef and veal sector plays an important role in agriculture as well as the entire European Union economy, while facing a number of economic, social and environmental challenges. Everyone who has at least a cursory knowledge of the specifics of this sector is aware that there can be no question of the development of the Polish beef sector without a global view of the challenges our industry faces. This year’s Beef Sector Forum therefore has the character of an international event during which we will be hosting representatives of various European countries, agricultural cooperatives and producer organizations operating there, as well as representatives of international public administration. In addition to excellent guests from abroad, as every year, Forum participants will include breeders, producers of live cattle, representatives of slaughterhouses, cutting plants, representatives of the administration at the national and local levels, trade representatives, suppliers of products and services for the meat industry, representatives of the world of science, industry associations, government agencies and agricultural advisory centers. Thanks to such a composed group of participants, the Forum will be an excellent opportunity to engage in an informed discussion about the future of the European beef sector and the position Poland will take in it. This site is particularly important in the light of the challenges arising as a result of signing the agreement with Mercosur and Brexit for the sector we represent, as well as the goals of the new, ambitious Common Agricultural Policy. Given the European Union’s program and its importance for the beef sector, the forum was divided into the following thematic areas: policy (with a focus on the CAP), trade, research / innovation and marketing.   The forum is financed by the Beef Promotion Fund.