Climate friendly beef,
valued by consumers

The 6th Beef International Forum

02.12.2019 r.


Opening speech 
⇓Nagranie – Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski – Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development 


Session I – Sustainable beef in the new CAP


⇓Nagranie  John Clarke – The eu trade agenda and its impact on the beef market
⇓ Pobierz / ⇓Nagranie Krzysztof Jurgiel – Member of European Parliment
⇓Nagranie Czesław Siekierski – New CAP
⇓ Pobierz  / ⇓Nagranie Hsin Huang – Challenges and prospects for the european beef industry, responding to consumer expectations
⇓ Pobierz / ⇓Nagranie Jean-Baptiste DolléThe investigation on climate change and beef production
⇓ Pobierz / ⇓Nagranie Christian JochumAchieving sustainable development goals through voluntary quality schemes in the new CAP
⇓ Pobierz / ⇓Nagranie Tomasz Kurpiewski Demand for sustainable beef 


Session II – International trade

⇓ Pobierz / ⇓ Pobierz Jean-Pierre FleuryProspects for european breeders and beef producers
⇓ Pobierz / ⇓Nagranie Daniel Azevedo – Impact of trade agreements on european agriculture
⇓Nagranie Liam MacHale – Challenges and prospects for european beef industry from Irish perspective.


03.12.2019 r.

Session III  – Good reputation of european beef


⇓ Pobierz / ⇓Nagranie Jacek ZarzeckiThe crisis in the Polish slaughterhouse and the reaction on the beef sector council
⇓ Pobierz Adam DrosioAnimal welfare in the food chain
⇓ Pobierz / ⇓Nagranie Luigi Pio Scordamaglia Sustainable agriculture and animal production; the virtuous european model


Session IV – Innovations


⇓ Pobierz / ⇓Nagranie Dr Rod Polkinghorne – Can Poland be a leader in implementing EatingQuality management in the EU
⇓ Pobierz / ⇓Nagranie Dr Jean-François Hocquette – Progress in France in the management of eating quality
⇓ Pobierz / ⇓Nagranie Alexander Berner – Introduction to the national DNA traceability program for swiss beef
⇓ Pobierz / ⇓Nagranie Marek Sokołowski – Will digital transformation affect animal production?
⇓ Pobierz / ⇓Nagranie Piotr Rutkowski – Blockchain technology in the food supply chain




⇓Nagranie Dr Grzegorz Chocian – An absolute, well thought-out game of influence based on the example of agriculture